Hello World~

Hello, I’m Aberleigh and this is my first blog post! I’m a student attending Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I’m a Video Game Art major but I love making all sorts of art. I’ve always wanted to make a blog in order to share my love for art and help others learn to love it too! What I’m going to be blogging about: 1. DIY I’m always coming up with great DIY ideas but I had no way to share them until now. I’m also going to be blogging on cute mail since I love sending mail to my long-distance boyfriend. Also, I believe that ANYONE can create lovely art with a little instruction so I will be publishing some tutorials on how to do just that. 2. Art Biz I’m going to be honest-I see a lot of terrible looking banners, logos and branding on the internet. And the number one thing that screams un-professionalism to me is a badly designed website. I want to help others learn to make rockin’ designs for their business! 3. Tutorials I love teaching others how to draw. Sadly I don’t get that chance much anymore in college-but now I will have a […]
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