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A Mind Map of the topics my blog will be about.

A Mind Map of the topics my blog will be about.

Hello, I’m Aberleigh and this is my first blog post! I’m a student attending Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I’m a Video Game Art major but I love making all sorts of art. I’ve always wanted to make a blog in order to share my love for art and help others learn to love it too!

What I’m going to be blogging about:

1. DIY

I’m always coming up with great DIY ideas but I had no way to share them until now. I’m also going to be blogging on cute mail since I love sending mail to my long-distance boyfriend. Also, I believe that ANYONE can create lovely art with a little instruction so I will be publishing some tutorials on how to do just that.

2. Art Biz

I’m going to be honest-I see a lot of terrible looking banners, logos and branding on the internet. And the number one thing that screams un-professionalism to me is a badly designed website. I want to help others learn to make rockin’ designs for their business!

3. Tutorials

I love teaching others how to draw. Sadly I don’t get that chance much anymore in college-but now I will have a place to publish tutorials. Also, I will make some guides to Photoshop and other tools to make digital art since it can be quite the enigma to beginners.

4. Art Resources

Sometimes it seems so hard to discover new artists and trends, and I want to do the work for you! I’m also a huge fan of art history and it is super-duper interesting. I think everyone has heard of the Ninja Turtles artists but have you heard about Hieronymus Bosch or Marcel Duchamp? Or how a urinal ended up being one of the top pieces in art history?

5. My Life

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have the most interesting life. However, my major and school are interesting so I think readers will enjoy reading about those. Not to mention, my workflow as an artist is important and seems to be something that most people do not talk about. I think documenting a few of these things will help future artists and college students!

So I think that’s about it….oh! Feel free to comment below or use the contact form above to connect with me. Also, click subscribe over on the bottom part of the sidebar to get updates.

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